My work to date broadly relates to interests in and around the assessment of writing. I am interested in how we research writing and its assessment, particularly through the use of corpus linguistics and quantitative research methods. These interests are all shaped by my experience in TESOL and EAP.

Below you will find a number of research bibliographies that document research and resources in these areas.

Thesis references

References from my thesis

General Language Assessment

Language Assessment Research

Language Assessment Literacy (LAL)

Language Assessment Literacy (LAL) references (coming soon)

Writing Assessment Literacy (WAL)

Writing assessment literacy references

IATEFL Poster Handout 1

Language Proficiency

Language Proficiency

Corpus Linguistics

Corpus Linguistics Readings

Formulaic Language and Vocabulary

Formulaic language and Vocabulary Readings

Quantitative Methods and Statistics

Quantitative methods

General Research Methods

General Research Methods

EAP/ESP Resources

EAP/ESP Teaching Resources

Other Research Readings

The readings below relate to other areas in TESOL

Other readings