Learning resources

The resources on this page relate to resources which I have found particularly helpful in learning about corpus linguistics, R and other statistical software. In the coming weeks, I also intend to post a number of R scripts and resulting visualisations that I have written/produced as part of my doctoral thesis and published work.

Cambridge Element – Supplementary Materials

Corpus Linguistics Tools

The following weblinks are useful sources of corpus analysis tools:

Corpus analysis tools

The analysis tools from Kris Kyle, Scott Crossley and related researchers

R Programming

The following are some weblinks I particularly find easy to use and have simple tutorials on R. For linguists the excellent blog posts from Susie Kim are a simple way to understand tools such as the Stanford parser and a number of linguistics-focused R packages and functions.

R bloggers


R pubs

Susie Kim

R Scripts and Sample Output

Meta Analysis Script:

Meta analysis script for random model with funnel plot

R scripts from my thesis:

Code to run the Stanford parser

Matching lists of items across study corpus and reference corpus

Cluster analysis script

Creating a fixed effect model with the ordinal package

Creating a series of random null models with the ordinal package

Creating the final mixed effects model with the ordinal package

Sample output:

Heatmap of association measures

Cluster analysis dendrogram_one

Cluster analysis dendrogram_two